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We have seen the documents of recommendation of well-known rabbis on behalf of the civil servant, Miss Shoshana Averbach, she should live and be well.

The letters of the rabbis give support and foundation that the above-mentioned woman is well known for the acts of righteousness and kindness that she does and is involved in for many years to help those who are broken hearted and to bring joy to the hearts of lonely people for whom the world has become very dark.

She works with total devotion to bring salvation to those who are broken, to strengthen their spirit, and to implant in them truth and faith, to be G-d fearing and modest, and to live a life of Torah and be upright in character.

She works with faith to implant all those who turn to her and impart the commandments with joy and enthusiasm. She is also involved in healing sick people to return them to health and gives respite to whatever pains them.

Therefore, it is a good deed to help her so that she should be able to broaden her work and to sanctify the name of heaven.  All those who help her will merit blessing, success, pleasure, and all good things. Amen.

Rabbi Joseph Scheinberger (ztl)
Former General Secretary of the Orthodox Council of Jerusalem

I have known Shoshana Averbach for several years.  I've worked with her in healing of many people, some of whom have been my own clients and some who have been her own.  I have consistently found that she always has the client's best interest involved.  She has also consistently demonstrated integrity, devotion, thoroughness, responsibility, and selflessness by offering the best and most balanced sugestions in working with clients and in helping people. All the work that I hae seen her do has been exemplary and the highest quality.  I am sure that any job that she undertakes will be done to the greatest satisfaction of all those concerned.

Rabbi Y. Serebryanski
Healer, Brooklyn, NY
Her intuitive abilities are highly focused and available during these sessions, often to the point of being unsettlingly accurate in picking up on information that is ciritical for the release of outdated thoughtforms and patterns...Ms. Averbach conducts her sessions in a courteous, professional manner. She is consistent, kind, and generous with offers to share information that helps others to grow or more effectively carry out professional responsibilities...She is discreet with her own and respectful of others' spiritual/religious beliefs and attitudes.

Helene V.R.
Interfaith Minister and Reiki Practitioner, Pennsylvania

At the end of each session, I felt more balanced, had clearer thinking, and felt empowered as a result of negative energies leaving my body and thus freeing my spirit.  I had a very positive experience with Shoshana as the recipient of her gifts.  She honored my being while gently encouraging me to remain tenacious when I had difficulty breaking through my blockages...Shoshana guided me in replacing the negative energies with healthier substitutes; I felt rejuvenated and empowered to be my own person.  I consistently felt her full presence during the sessions which made me feel emotionally safe and supported.

Dr. M. F.
Clinical Psychologist, New York City
What struck me first about Shoshana was her sincerity and gentleness and lack of ego...My right hand has been feeling more powerful and alive...From my experience with Shoshana, I realized positive physical changes."

Robert S.
Healer and Healing Jewelry Designer, Vermont




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